“Women in Motion” (Tigray, Ethiopia)


“Women in Motion” is a photo-project undertaken in Wukro, in the Tigray region of Ethiopia, between March and June 2015. All of these women are beneficiaries of a micro-loan, which they used to set up a small-scale business in one of the most arid and tough regions of Ethiopia. As a collaborator in the project’s evaluation with the Basque NGO, Ethiopia-Utopia Foundation, I was able to build rapport and mutual understanding with these women, capturing some intimate moments of their everyday lives. Tremendously generous and hospitable, each has a story to tell, but we need a venue in Edinburgh, and a small donation to help print the images and realise this empowering exhibition. Why not help these women with their small business? Would you like to collaborate? If you have any ideas, or need more information, then please do not hesitate to contact me: jone.lurgain@gmail.com

More photographs and stories in the future ***Women in Motion*** exhibition”.
First stop: Edinburgh.

Thanks for your time and solidarity!



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